Top 5 Low-Fat Indian Dishes

Low-fat Indian Dishes may seem slightly few & far between. We went through our menu, as well as reading up on nutritionist advice, to pick out the top picks for those of us who are watching our waistlines this year.

5 – Bhuna (Chicken/Prawn/Veg)

Low-fat indian dishes - Bhuna
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Although veg is always the best option when it comes to cutting out on fat, if you aren’t  a veggie, chicken & prawns are always the best option. In comparison to lamb & beef, the fat content in chicken & prawns is substantially lower.

A benefit of Bhuna is that you can cut down on the calories with this sauce, as it isn’t cooked with ingredients such as heavy cream.

4 – Tikka (Chicken/Prawn/Veg)

low-fat indian dishes tikka

Let’s make one thing clear – By Tikka, we do not mean Tikka Masala; many people tend to forget that these aren’t the same thing. In comparison to normal Tikka, masala dishes have a much higher fat & sugar content. Although it’s an almost irresistibly delicious choice, it’s one to avoid if you’re not ready for a cheat day yet!

3 – Tandoori Chicken

low-fat indian dishes tandoori chicken
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Tandoori Chicken is an absolutely ideal choice for Low-fat Indian Dishes because it cuts out the rich sauce completely. This dish is traditionally marinated & cooked in a Tandoor oven, meaning no frying. Not only that but meat dishes such as this have high amounts of protein, ideal if you’re working out. Tandoori Chicken keeps you fuller for longer, meaning less snacking & less filling up on carbs.

2 – Jalfrezi (Chicken/Veg/Prawn)

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Whether you’re having it with meat or not, Jalfrezi is a great sauce as it is rich in veg content. A helpful hint I have learned over time is that the hotter your dish, the slower you eat it. When you eat more slowly, you’re quicker to realise when you’re full. However, don’t go so hot you can’t enjoy the dish or end up cooling yourself off with a high-calorie drink!

1 – Aloo Gobi

Low-Fat Indian Dishes - Aloo Gobi
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Aloo Gobi is one of the best Low-Fat Indian Dishes that there is. It’s made with Cauliflower a surprisingly filling vegetable which does an amazing job at soaking up wonderful flavours, which even cuts out the need for a rich, high fat sauce. Aloo Gobi works well as a main, side or even a replacement for bread & rice if you’re cutting out carbs.

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